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A month ago,  I was proud of the performance of our website and spellbound by the 3 000 daily visitors we had in the first days of October. I must recognize that I was far from the reality of the need of such a tool, and the binding power of brotherhood. Yesterday we were more than 12 000 who decided to go to see what was new in that world of ours, the Bassa’a Mpo’o Bati . Now that I am convinced that from now on this number will go skyrocketing, I will forsake this matter. But my duty and commitment is to thank you all, for making this ‘’dream come true’’.

Our next common challenge now is to turn this massive interest in concrete actions and achievements. There is a lot to do in any field we choose. So, there will not be enough people for the task, whatever the number of brothers and sisters devoted. So don’t hesitate to bring your contribution.

Some have already started by proposing the book ‘’ TAMAL I MBOK BASSAA.’’ It’s an interesting travel inside our traditional rules and roots. You will love it. For those who are not familiar with reading bassa’a, an audio version of the book will soon be available. It will certainly help learning while practicing.

Last but not the least, this is the month of the election of the board of our Association. Everyone of us should be concerned. Give your opinion concerning the proposed satuts and regulations that will be governing the Association in the coming years. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your voice heard. For those who can make the journey, come in big numbers in Pouma on November the 17th. There won’t be any regrets.

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# YVY 14-11-2012 20:04
C'est formidable ce que je viens de lire Monsieur le futur président. Nous espérons qui'avec vous le peuple bassa aura vraiment un véritable leader autour duquel toute la communauté pourra sse regrouper. un leader qui peut unir et non diviser. Vivement que la communauté s'unisse autour de cet engagement que vous venez de prendre pour que nous soyons aussi une véritable force au pays.
# Bikat 23-11-2012 08:59
Welcome Mr President,

Shall I say "you are the right man in the right place?", I'm not mistaking.The BassaMpo'oBati people believe in you and team, that's why they have chosen you. Their hopes and expectations should not be deceived. The paths on which you'll walk, we should follow to enable you achieve the targeted goals you want to reach for your people.
All the best and good luck!